Wildly attractive interactive maps

We are a digital design and cartography studio with over 10 years of experience in building easy to use interactive maps.

A map is truly worth a thousand words

Paper maps have triggered our imagination for hundreds of years. We make sure digital maps do that too. Together with our partners and clients we create interactive maps that amaze.

Create focused and branded maps for your organisation.

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Our services

Easy to use, insightful and beautiful at the same time. Interactive maps don't have to be frustrating. See how we can help with your purpose.

Product design

Our experience in product design ensures that your product and map act as one. We're here to help from the initial design to the technical implementation. We ensure blazing fast maps for all platforms. Including Mapbox, Esri ArcGIS, Google Maps Platform and more. And yes, across every device.

Interactive maps

From raw data to a story. We will help you create an interactive map tailored to your use case. Simple or complex, our map design will make your viewers yearn for more.

Research and exploration

Modern mapping technologies and growing amounts of spatial data create incredible opportunities. Opportunities to provide insight, tell stories and improve decision making. How should you utilise them? We'll help you discover possibilities. Together we will explore new concepts on how to make your data and ideas actionable.

Base map design

A map is design. Humans love design. Things of beauty inspire, trigger and empower. We'll support you in designing a beautiful, unique base map for the right purpose.

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