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We’re building Wolf Maps. A product for organisations to build their own focused maps. These maps are public, branded and social. And of course faster and more beautiful than ever.

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Wolf Maps

Kadaster Topotijdreis

View and compare 200 years worth of Dutch cartography and aerial imagery. Together with Esri Nederland and Kadaster we created the new version of Topotijdreis.

Take a look at the past of the Netherlands with Topotijdreis.


City of Amsterdam: visualising Haven-Stad

The City of Amsterdam is building a new district: Haven-Stad. In the upcoming 35 years Amsterdam will build up to 70,000 new homes. gives a glimpse of the future city and asks citizens to participate. Take a look at mobility, sustainability, water structures and more.

It’s build on the platform SEP by The Imagineers. We designed and helped building the application.

Project SEP

Stop the itching: Plaagradar

Plaagradar is an initiative to sustainably combat the Oak processionary plague in Dutch villages and towns. Less caterpillars, more birds.

We designed the back office for municipalities to handle all reports quickly and adequately.

Project Plaagradar

Visualising mining induced Earthquakes

The north of the Netherlands is struggling with earthquakes due to gas extraction. We created a tool that visualizes the latest earthquakes.

Project Earthquake

Conquering the mountains: Peak

For the adventurous among us: nothing peaks the mountains. Plan your multi-day hikes trought the Alps with Peak.

Project Peak

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